What Do You Talk About?

Family Values About Drinking

When drinking is and isn’t appropriate:

  • Is alcohol involved in family get-togethers? If so, how is safe drinking modeled by adults?
  • What messages about drinking did you send to your sons and daughters as they were growing up?
  • What are the family beliefs about drinking socially?
  • What are some family values that may be affected if unhealthy drinking occurs? Some families have concerns that drinking may lead to problems related to sexual activity, physical health, produc tivity in school, and careers.

Underage & High-Risk Drinking Dangers

The first section of this site explained some of the risks that your sons and daughters will be exposed to at Clarkson College. We encourage you to use that information to talk knowledgably to them about how that info relates to where they’ll be living.

How to Stay Safe if Drinking

  • Students who choose to drink can take steps to stay safe
  • The Specific Strategies page provides examples for dealing with different situations.

Why People Choose to Drink

  • Peer Pressure
  • Escape from the stresses of college life.
  • Misperception that everyone is drinking, or it’s just part of college life.