Clarkson College Code of Conduct

When a student violates a college regulation, he/she is subject to disciplinary action by the College whether or not his/her conduct violates

Clarkson College Alcohol Policy

Clarkson College is a "permit-only" campus, meaning that no one, regardless of age, can consume alcohol on campus property without a permit and there are strict criteria for obtaining a permit. This includes all buildings, residence halls, parking lots, and dining and conference facilities.

Nebraska Collegiate Consortium (NCC)

This website provides support for campuses across Nebraska who are committed to reducing high-risk drinking.

Your Kids Are Drinking (website with video/audio)

NET Television and NET Radio combine efforts to present this project focusing on the problems associated with underage drinking. It includes a locally produced television special, a televised panel discussion of the problem, and a three-part NET Radio series.

Binge (website with video/audio)

This NET News production looks at young adults drinking too much, too fast. Hear from law enforcement, university officials, and bar owners trying to change lives before it’s too late. It includes a locally produced television special, video extras, a NET Radio series, and other web resources.